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     Authentic Handmade Silver Jewelry

Date: 3/22/2013 2:00 PM UTC

Silver is classified as a metallic element and the chemical symbol for silver is Ag. In chemistry books the atomic number for silver is 47 or a soft and white precious univalent metal that has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.

Since ancient times silver has been cherished as the metal of kings and no matter where in the world you mine silver it is basically the same soft precious metal. Silver is used in jewelry making as well as silverware or eating utensils. Silver can also be crafted into serving pieces as well as decorative art. As a leading producer with an impressive history of silversmiths, Mexican silver and silver jewelry stands out as some of the finest quality silver jewelry pieces and artwork in the world.

Mexico is a leading producer of silver and when you think of silver jewelry from Mexico you should think of Taxco silver. Taxco is associated with fine wholesale .925 silver jewelry and the famous silver craftsmen who still live and work in Taxco.  Since the 1700s when rich silver deposits were discovered in Taxco, silver has been mined in and around Taxco. Visitors from all over the world still travel to Taxco to find the finest sterling silver jewelry available.

Mexican Silver

Standards may vary worldwide, but the majority of Mexico silver is graded at .925 or 92.5 percent pure. Purity can range from .925 to .999 and wholesale jewelry suppliers stamp their pieces with these purity ranges. It is also possible to find wholesale silver rings that simply say “Silver made in Mexico” or “Mexico silver.” There are also wholesale silver chains that may feature an eagle stamped into the clasp as well as a number that designates the mine or place where the piece was crafted.

When silver is combined with other metals, usually copper, it is classified as sterling silver. There must be 92.5 percent silver in a jewelry or art piece to be stamped as Mexican sterling. Alloys are used to strengthen the silver; pure silver is very soft and would not be acceptable for wholesale silver rings or chains.

Silver has been found to be a great conductor for electrical currents and is used in several industries for electrical stabilization purposes. It is interesting to note that the silver jewelry you wear as a unique ring or necklace is actually made from a metal that has a very practical use in commercialization.
Wholesale Silver Suppliers

Every piece of wholesale silver jewelry that is offered from online websites and in catalogues, requires a minimum purchase quantity in order to receive the exclusive wholesale price. Pieces that are made from original molds such as from Avila Taxco silver jewelry, or William Spratling’s designs can only be sold in sets.

Do note that wholesale silver suppliers customize their jewelry pieces. You will need to be patient when ordering a customized piece. Fine handcrafted sterling silver pieces can take up to five weeks before they are ready for shipment. Geseell@avilasterling.com

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Date: 3/1/2013 6:53 PM UTC

One of the most airy and beautiful bracelet cuffs from Taxco is the Infinite cuff bracelet with its different and unique silver threads all woven together to create a very exclusive piece that looks insubstantial, but is really very sturdy. The thin bars of silver are woven and worked into a frame of sterling silver and the style itself is open for ease of wearing. The finish is highly polished sterling silver and the artist’s mark is included on the piece.

This cuff bracelet weights a total of 48 grams or 106 ounces and sits on your wrist or forearm with grace and a sense of lightness. The decorative spheres that float on this piece are totally movable and can be placed anywhere on the bracelet that you desire. Set them all in a row, or make a design unique to you. The bracelet is two inches wide and includes a circumference of seven and a half inches. Shiny, gorgeous, and made from Taxco sterling silver, whatever way you choose the wear this cuff bracelet you will find that friends and acquaintances will admire your impressive arm piece.

Designed in Taxco silver and handcrafted by Mexican artisans who were highly inspired by Hector Aquilar. Aquilar was one of the greatest silversmiths in the world and his home town of Taxco continues his legacy. Aquiliar’s molds for cuff bracelets are still used by many artisans, yet the pieces are made by hand which brands every single bracelet unique. There are no two jewelry pieces exactly alike.

History of Taxco Silver

Taxco has always had a reputation of fine silver mining and craftsmanship, and the visits of William Spratling to Taxco in 1926 thought 1928 provided Spratling with the inspiration to open a shop that employed weavers, copper and tin smiths and silversmiths. Thousands of tons of silver had been sent from Taxco to the old world for many centuries and now Spratling had the inspiration to make silver jewelry in Taxco, sell it, and bring the money back to Mexico.

As the popularity of Taxco sterling silver jewelry increased, Spratling developed a system of apprenticeship in silversmithing. Those who showed the most promise worked under the direction of highly artistic silversmiths. Most of these highly expert craftsmen later opened their own shops and still credit their expertise to William Spratling and his apprentice system. Look for William Spratling inspired cuff bracelets that use indigenous semi-precious stones such as amethyst and turquoise to compliment the silver designs. You can also find semi-precious stones of chalcedony, coral and obsidian and some tortoise shell in the design of cuff bracelets and other jewelry pieces inspired by Spratling. The molds and styles of Spratling are still used in Taxco silver strong and handsome cuff bracelets. Spratling’s use of mythical animals as well as ancient Aztec and Incan designs have made Taxco silver jewelry some of the most popular and collectible jewelry items in the world.Geseell@avilasterling.com

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