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     Authentic Handmade Silver Jewelry

Date: 2/23/2013 6:06 PM UTC

The artwork on this cuff bracelet was inspired by Old Taxco works with rope work braided and antiqued to include very detailed artwork. Three braids of “rope” fill the center of this cuff bracelet and the banding includes two rows of chainlike designs and a silver band enclosing all the artwork.
This cuff bracelet was inspired by craftsmanship form many years ago, but this bracelet is not as heavy as the original design. It is still, however, very definitive and elegant. It will make a statement of your fashion sense when you wear it.
A cuff bracelet is stiff in formation and usually wider than traditional bracelets. It can be worn open or closed on one end by an oval clasp or a hinge. Those who love cuff bracelets often wear them high on the upper arm. They can also be worn on the wrist. However you wear the cuff bracelet, it sends a powerful message.

Made in solid silver this cuff weights a total of 66.7 grams or 2.1 ounces. It is one and five eighths inches wide and does have an inside circumference of seven inches. It can also be measured from six and a half inches to the seven and three quarter inches.

No handmade piece will ever be exactly alike. This is the quality and uniqueness of each silver bracelet and jewelry piece made by Taxco craftsmen. You can be guaranteed that your piece will be unique and original from all the rest. Ordering handcrafted Taxco silver jewelry guarantees that no two pieces are even exactly the same.

To authenticate your sterling silver braided cuff look for the hallmark information on the inside of the cuff. Every one of Spratling’s designs carries the Spratling philosophy “Worthwhile silver requires that it be identified with the name and reputation of its maker.” Hallmark information should have initials that identify the artist of the piece, the place of manufacture, and the silver content of the jewelry. However, the most important authentication of Taxco sterling silver jewelry is the initials and of the designer or the design house.

Taxco Silver

Taxco silver became and is still famous because of the efforts of William Spratling an American native who lived and worked in Taxco, Mexico from the 1930s to the late 1960s. Spratling found his way to Taxco, Mexico where he became known as an innovative and talented designer of fine Mexican jewelry, tin, copper, silver hollowware and some pre-Columbian inspired furniture. Spratling was very sensitive to the early cultures of the Aztecs and pre-Columbians of Mexico and formed a model for the artistic development and growth of the silver industry in Taxco. It was Spratling’s goal to keep fine silversmithing alive and to create an industry for fine silver jewelry. Spratling is rightfully known as the Father of Contemporary Mexican Silver. His dream to create beautiful silver pieces started the flourishing silver jewelry industry in Taxco that continues into 2013.

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Date: 2/18/2013 11:50 PM UTC

This absolutely stunning solid sterling silver ring is hand crafted in a very simple geometric or heptagon shape that almost looks like a shiny screw. This ring is proof that even very simple designs can be highly attractive and draw your eye to the wear’s hand. This ring is designed to be unisex and looks great on either a man or a woman. The clean and clear design of this ring makes it the perfect fashion accessory for any type of ensemble. Use your imagination with this heptagon ring. Use it as a napkin ring, or to tie a scarf or even to wear on a belt.

As with all Taxco sterling silver rings, this Heptagon screw ring is handcrafted and polished to a high sheen. The workmanship is expert and precise and the designer initials, Taxco (or place of origin) and silver content marks are discretely engraved on the inside of the ring.

This is a substantial ring that is somewhat heavy due to the silver content. It is half an inch wide and available in various sizes for both men and women. This gorgeous ring is a piece of jewelry that you would be proud to wear and pass on to your posterity.

Taxco Silver

Taxco de Alarcon or simply Taxco, Mexico is a small and picturesque city located in the State of Guerrero. The name Taxco may have come from a tall waterfall close to the town center, or from the translation “place of the ballgame.” Wherever the name came from Taxco lies in the heart of silver country and has been known for silver mining and the fashioning of silver into fine jewelry, silver flat pieces (trays, goblets, and bowls), and silverware. Taxco is a main tourism center for Mexico and silver shops line the main street. Taxco is one of Mexico “magical towns” due to the silverwork, mining and colonial constructions.

An American, William Spratling moved to Taxco in the 1920s and created a silver design workshop using local artisans. He exported his silver goods to the United States and Taxco silver soon became famous. Tourism exploded and commerce in silver items is now international. Most of the population is involved in the silver trade and to this day Spratling is honored as the founder of Taxco silver.

One of the area’s most well know designers is Hector Aquilar whose original molds are still used in crafting Taxco silver pieces. Pre-Columbian and Aztec designs are highly inspire Taxco silver crafting and the featured poison ring is a prime example of ancient Mexican art. You will find this same motif in many pieces of Taxco sterling silver jewelry and know that each piece is handcrafted. This makes no two pieces of jewelry alike; your piece will be extremely unique.Geseell@avilasterling.com

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Date: 2/13/2013 10:40 PM UTC

Fine Mexican sterling silver bracelets are manufactured in Taxco, Mexico with high silver content and striking design. This particular piece of jewelry is a contemporary silver bracelet or bangle. A bangle bracelet is usually rigid and ring-shaped made without a clasp to just slip over your hand. At times there may be a hinged opening and a clasp, but this is somewhat unusual in a bangle style. You can wear a bangle bracelet high on your upper arm or if you want, around your ankle.

This particular piece is very simply designed and features a bit of a concave shape. As you look at this bracelet you will see a nice sense of depth with the borders standing out just a bit. The metal surface of the bangle is highly textured in a thread like pattern that makes you feel as if threads of silver form the bracelet. However when you touch the surface of the bangle you find the surface itself is smooth.

The bracelet is solid and substantial with a weight of 65 grams or 2.2 ounces. You will know it is on your wrist or arm or ankle and the feeling will make you feel rich. The bangle itself is three quarters of an inch wide and has an inside circumference of seven and three quarter inches. The inside is highly polished to a smooth texture to make the feel on your arm soft and comfortable.

Handcrafted and guaranteed to be unique, this bangle is highly affordable and is a piece that will go well with any other item of silver jewelry and compliment any type of ensemble. You can order the solid Taxco sterling silver bangle with texture and it will be delivered securely via FEDEX or UPS to anywhere in the world.

There is no better gift for the person who is highly discriminating and loves fine contemporary and elegant sterling silver jewelry. You will find that the artists mark is always on the inside of the bracelet and this is your assurance that it is real Taxco silver and made by hand.

Trivia of Spratling Taxco Silver

William Spratling revitalized the silver and tourist industry in Taxco, Mexico and his success and fame prompted the U.S. Department of the Interior to approach Spratling to include Alaskan students in his apprentice models. Students from Alaska joined Mexican students in Taxco and silver Alaskan native motifs combined with pre-Columbian artwork to flavor Spratling’s designs. Geseell@avilasterling.com

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Date: 2/8/2013 9:40 PM UTC

This is a very stunning cuff bracelet that is handcrafted then oxidized and raised embellishment polished. The workmanship is of high caliber and once you see the eclectic styling you will want this cuff in your jewelry collection. Every piece is guaranteed to be unique and warranted to be handcrafted; this makes it one of a kind.

To craft this cuff bracelet silversmiths use an overlaid embellishment technique. The first silver surface is oxidized using sulfur solutions and the ornamentation is then crafted in a lighter shade of silver that may or may not be oxidized. Overlay makes the silver color of the embellishments stand out. The curves and spheres in this overlaid design give this cuff bracelet intriguing elements that will go well with any wardrobe style. Unusually crafted with a large center piece, the bracelet tapers and the cuff style itself is open for ease of wearing on any size wrist.

You can always order this silver cuff bracelet with a smaller or larger inside circumference to fit your arm and wrist. As a note, the oxidized silver cuff bracelet is two and one eighth inches wide at the centerpiece and has an inside circumference of seven inches. The interior of the bracelet is silver rubbed to a high sheen and a smooth texture.


Taxco, Mexico is the heart of Mexican silver jewelry crafting, silver mining, and tourists looking for silver bargains. Tourism is the main economic activity in Taxco, Mexico and tourists come to purchase silver, travel though the surrounding countryside and view the colonial construction that is still standing.

Silversmithing was invigorated in Taxco by American William Spratling who came to Taxco in the 1920s and hired artisans, craftsmen, and created a huge silver jewelry making industry.
Sterling silver jewelry is highly popular in Taxco shops, and oxidized silver is often used to describe sterling silver pieces that are treated to make these pieces look aged and old. Oxidizing sterling silver causes the silver itself to end up with a dark patina that consists of a thin layer of silver oxide.