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Date: 4/16/2014 6:46 PM UTC

Margot de Taxco Silver Necklace
Looking to accessorize your evening wear for a cocktail party, or shirt and trousers for a fun afternoon with friends? Putting on just the right sort of necklace can complete your look. Necklaces were in existence even 40,000 years back during the Stone Age. At that time, there was no weaving and even the string was not invented, so early man used to create necklaces from natural resources like sturdy wines. The wines were tied together and decked with corals, colorful feathers, stones, teeth, bones, shells and any other naturally available elements.

With invent of twines, strings, metal working and cloth working, more intricate and durable necklaces came into existence. Beads, gemstones and other precious stones were strung together to form beautiful necklaces. Moving into the Bronze Age when man learnt to melt metal into various shapes and sizes, metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper and platinum were used to create solid metal chains and necklaces to be worn by both men and women. Today in modern times, with inventions like electroplating and blowtorches, new metals like titanium and stainless steel have been used to create jewelry. With the help of electroplating, nowadays we can have gold and silver plated jewelry.
Taxco, a Mexican city is widely famous for producing brilliant Mexican silver necklaces and other pieces of stunning jewelry like earrings, bracelets and rings, all in 925 sterling silver. One can browse through different designs and patterns of necklaces online to pick the one of their liking. There are necklaces available in traditional vintage look with pre-Columbian style with stones as well as in breathtaking modern designs.
Usually necklaces are categorized based on their length and adornment type. As per adornment type, necklaces can be further divided into:

1.      Pearl necklace: It is made up pearls and is adorned by women. It is of two types, a bib pearl necklace that has stepped sizes of pearls with multiple strands and other type is uniform pearl necklace with similar size of pearls.

2.      Diamond necklace: One of the most expensive necklaces is the one with diamonds in it. Diamonds in a necklace are usually set in gold or platinum. There are usually ‘Y’ shapes or ‘V’ shape diamond necklaces available.

3.      Tooth pendant necklace: Such necklaces are usually common for people living in tribal areas. It is basically a shark tooth in place of the pendant strung with a leather string.

As per length type, the necklaces are divided as:

1.      Princess necklace: It is 18in (45 cm) to 20in (50 cm) long.

2.      Opera necklace: The length ranges between 30in (75 cm) to 35in (90 cm).
3.      Choker: This type of necklace sits high on the neck and varies between 14in (35 cm) to 16in (41 cm).
4.      Matinee necklace: It is basically a single strand that rests on top of the cleavage and varies between 22in (56 cm) to 23in (58 cm).
5.      Rope necklace: It is longer than opera necklace.
6.       Lariat necklace: This necklace is longer than rope necklace and usually does not have a clasp. It is worn by draping it multiple times around the neck into a knot or a loop.

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Date: 4/7/2014 6:14 PM UTC

Here are some ways to tell if the silver you just purchased is Sterling silver or not:
-          If the piece of silver is really Sterling silver it will be marked on the side with the level of purity in the silver.
-          Run a magnet over the supposed Sterling Silver, if it sticks to the magnet it is not sterling silver.
-          Take the pieces to be inspected by a local jeweler or pawnshop owner.
If you want Sterling silver for certain go to http://mexicosterling.com/ for the finest Mexican Sterling silver on the market.

By Geseell Grant - mexicosterlingsilver@gmail.com

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Date: 4/1/2014 4:36 PM UTC

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