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     Authentic Handmade Silver Jewelry

Date: 9/22/2012 6:00 PM UTC

A bracelet that draws admiration from everyone around you, this piece of solid Taxco Silver is a fitting example of remarkable craftsmanship and stunning beauty. The breath taking design of this bracelet comes from the original molds of Hector Aguilar that have been used to build this amazing piece of jewellery. A perfect attention grabber, this bracelet will surely enhance you overall charm no matter what style of fashion you are donning that day.

This bracelet is one of those rare creations that have been made out of original pieces from Hector Aguilar himself and this itself increases the substance of this bracelet many folds. Solid Sterling Silver has been used to create this bracelet that portrays the classic design of the 1960s first introduced by Hector Aguilar. Each and every piece of this bracelet is perfectly identical and is inspired from the Aztec form of art.

The pre-Columbian images of jewellery that displayed ancient nature inspired motifs have been beautifully imitated by Hector Aguilar in this particular piece of Mexican Silver. A stylized wild flower is imitated by the shape of the bracelet that is true to its inspiration. It’s incredible craftsmanship ensures that the bracelet maintains its unparalleled gleam for years and the versatility of the bracelet is truly amazing. This handmade silver jewellery has a posh appearance that comes from the intricate details of the pieces. No wonder this marvellous specimen of old Taxco style will quickly become your most preferred piece of jewellery.

If you are looking for something exotic that goes with most of your outfits then this is the perfect bracelet for you. Being made out of solid Sterling Silver, this bracelet therefore carries a substantial amount of weight that measures 90.6grams (2.9 ounces). This breathtaking piece of art has a width of one and a quarter inch while the inner circumference measures complete seven inches.

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Date: 9/17/2012 6:00 PM UTC

This beautifully carved Taxco Silver poison ring is completely handmade and is a result of excellent workmanship of the classical Taxco style of jewellery making. This ring is a fine example of high quality finish and a breath taking artistic design that is inspired from a more tribal Aztec art. This ring will definitely take you back in time during the 1930s and 50s when such styles were very common.

This Mexican silver ring has ancient as well as ethnic looks that speak about the old Taxco Jewellery tradition. The kind of design and style of rings is well known across the globe for its versatility and appearance. The fact that this ring will never go out of fashion and that it can be worn over any outfit that you like increases the value of this ring. This ring style has always been a favourite among women of class who love to leave a fashion statement. The old colonial Mexican style ring always gets noticed and is appreciated by all and sundry.

This handmade silver piece of jewellery has a centrepiece that is unparalleled in lustre moreover, the rustic finishing touches of the ornamentation's is what gives this ring its uniqueness and a character full of depth and personality. The little opening in the ring carries a wonderful gemstone and that accentuates the overall appeal of your fingers.

This ring is called poison ring for a reason. The opening on the ring can easily harbour a pill or some anhydrous powdered poison like the ones shown in movies. It is a timeless piece of jewellery that will never go out of fashion and since it is adjustable, the ring can be shared between friends and family or can be passed on to generations as a family crest or insignia. Geseell@avilasterling.com

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Date: 9/14/2012 5:30 PM UTC

A bracelet that boasts of an old school design yet is very contemporary and fashionable; this Taxco Silver armband will remain forever in vogue. Built in the most basic of all designs, this Mexican marvel possesses a simplicity that is captivating. The timeless beauty of this bracelet cuff is noticeable at the first look at this piece of fine art jewellery.

It is actually a cuff that has been designed like a bracelet and after you wear it, this Mexican Silver ornament gives a perfect impression of a wide bangle that is made out of solid silver. This versatility of this bracelet makes it a perfect match for any outfit you wear. Beautiful and elegant, this bracelet is equally chic and stylish for any fashion attire in your closet and can be worn on your wrist like a trendy bangle as well.

The perfect symmetry of the intricate detailing on the bangle silver cuff bracelet will leave you enthralled and amazed of the craftsmanship that has built this masterpiece. Moreover, the subtle beauty of the turquoise inlay is undeniably mesmerizing. This handmade silver ornament carved out of the best grade silver by the best silversmiths of Taxco is the perfect bracelet that you were looking for. A major part of the turquoise decoration is filled with stone inlay that enhances the beauty of the intricate detailing on the surface of this bracelet. It makes the design more interesting and adds certain magnanimity to the jewellery. This stone inlay is the sole reason why this bracelet appears to be so simple in design and construction.

A fine example of the Taxco tradition of 925 silver jewellery making, this beautiful work of art has an inside circumference of full seven inches. The width of this bracelet is one inch and it has a substantial weight of 73.6 grams (2.3 ounces).

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