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     Authentic Handmade Silver Jewelry

Date: 10/18/2014 5:34 AM PDT

If you are planning to buy silver jewelry, then you must have heard about traditional taxco silver jewelry. In fact, it is amongst the most popular choices for people from all across the globe. 

The art of mexican handmade silver jewelry dates back to more than five centuries. In fact the mining of silver began in the year 1521, but it was not until the efforts of Don Jose de la Borda in 1716 that the art really started to flourish in the region. Borda discovered silver mines in the region and gave life to the dying art of silversmithing in the region. 

However, did you have even the slightest of ideas about what makes it so special? If not, then here is a look in to everything that you need to know about these ornaments before you actually buy one -

1. Uniqueness - if you are bored looking at the monotonous designs, then Mexican Taxco silver jewelry is something that will give you a unique look. The fact that it is handcrafted by artisans who know the art really well, make it just the perfect thing to break the monotony of the silver ornaments that you find in the market.

2. Good Investment - besides being good to look at, spending your money on traditional taxco silver artifacts can serve the purpose of an investment as well. Considering the fact that vintage jewelry can become even more expensive with the passage of time, buying these handcrafted pieces of traditional mexican jewelry can be a great idea.

3. Its worth it - last, but definitely not the least, thing that makes buying these silver ornaments a smart option is the fact that they are really worth it. They are beautiful, stylish and can be used to accessorize all your looks. In fact, these serve the purpose as a wonderful gift for any special occasion.

All the factors mentioned above clearly justify why the world has always loved and adored taxco sterling silver jewelry. If you are looking to buy silver ornaments for the festive season, then be sure to take a look a these options. I am sure you would definitely go gaga looking at the exciting designs, the traditional finishing and the elegant feel that all these ornaments posses.

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Date: 10/17/2014 6:08 AM PDT

As a perfect amalgamation of fact and fiction, the history of Mexico Sterling Silver Jewelry is a highly fascinating one. Taxco is a small town in the state of Guerrero, geographically located about 100 miles Southwest of Mexico City.  

The beginning -

The history of silver mining dates back to the year 1521, when Hernan Cortes arrived and the Spanish conquered the Aztecs. It did not take long for the silver from this Mexican town to spread across Europe, and the town soon became known all across the globe for its silver metal reservoirs. However, with time the reservoirs started to get depleted because of excessive mining, and within the next two centuries the trade was almost finished. It was in the year 1716 when a a Spaniard of French descent named  Don Jose de la Borda rediscovered the metal again in Taxco. 


The tale -
Borda discovered a vein of silver while wandering in the hills of Taxco. To show gratitude towards the nature and the city, he built various schools, roads, houses in the region, out of which many are now popular and famous as cathedrals in the region.

Between 1600-1800 -
As time passed, Mexico along with Peru became the biggest producers of silver in the world with more than 85% of the metal being produced by these two countries. It was in the year 1926, when William Spratling, a U.S. citizen came to study Mexico and its culture. Getting impressed with the local artisans who crafted beautiful Mexico sterling silver jewelry, he decide to create designs and rediscover the craft of silversmithing to the natives. He put forward an apprentice system of training young silversmiths with artistic talent.

His efforts included bringing highly regarded goldsmiths from Iguala to Taxco and help the silversmiths with the art to work on the metal. Regarded today as The Father of Mexican Silver. Mr. Spratling passed away in 1967 in a car accident in the town of Taxco itself. To commemorate his efforts the Spratling Museum, the Museo Virreynal de Taxco was created, which is a must visit place if you are coming to this part of the world.

It was efforts of Mr. Spratling that led to the rise of Mexico silver stores, and reinvention of the Mexican handmade silver jewelry which at one time had become a dying art. Today, stores like Mexico Sterling are doing their bit to preserve this art.

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Date: 10/17/2014 6:00 AM PDT

Mexico Sterling is one of the most cherished online jewelry stores where you can find a complete range of solid taxco sterling silver jewelry.

Promoting the art of traditional silver carving, these experts have been supplementing people with the option to purchase Mexican handcrafted silver jewelry created by some of the finest artisans.
Take a look at some amazing pieces of jewelry that you can get here at the store -

  • Basket Weave Built Rings - weave built is amongst the most elegant looking and creative options when it comes to rings for men as well as women. So, why not buy one for him/her and shower your affection?
  • Silver cufflinks - Attractive to the eye, these cufflinks can enhance the beauty of even a simple plain shirt. Whether he’s going to wear shirt for a meeting or going to a party, these attractive accessories can enhance the look with ease. So, choose them as a present that stays with him forever.

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Date: 10/16/2014 6:43 AM PDT

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Date: 10/16/2014 6:40 AM PDT

Every women loves jewelry. And, if you want to make your women fall in love with you all over again, then there can be nothing better than Mexican handmade silver jewelry.
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Date: 10/16/2014 6:38 AM PDT

The one thing that has the power to make a women feel unique is Jewelry. We, at Mexico Sterling, bring an opportunity for you to adorn yourself in shimmering silver ornaments free of cost.
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Date: 10/16/2014 6:35 AM PDT

Silver jewelry has been adorned by women since ancient times, and even after ages of being in use ornaments crafted of this metal are amongst the most fashionable items for women.
Mexican silver jewelry like bracelets and necklaces have been amongst the most popular ones that have been loved by women from all over the world. You can find the finest and contemporary solid taxco sterling silver jewelry here at our store at wholesale prices.

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