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 The History of Your Silver Taxco Jewelry

Located about 100 miles Southwest of Mexico City, Taxco in the state of Guerrero is one of the oldest mining sites located in the Americas. Taxco’s natural wealth of silver attracted early Conquistadors and eventually made it the home of vintage Mexican silver jewelry.


 Before the Spanish arrived, the native Indians called it Tlacho, meaning the place of the ballgame. A year after the Spanish defeated the Aztecs in 1521, they staked their mining claim in Taxco. By the end of the century, silver from Taxco had spread across Europe. It had become Spain's primary source in the New World of precious metals and had become a busy mining area.


Mining in Taxco slowed down as more accessible mining areas were discovered and developed, but it was revived in the 1920’s, when William Spratling moved to Mexico and was welcomed into the local artistic circles. In a conversation with Spratling, U.S. Ambassador Dwight Morrow commented that Taxco had been a popular mining site for centuries, but had never been considered a location where silver jewelry was made.  This seemingly insignificant comment sparked an idea that started an explosion of Mexican silver jewelry Taxco.


Spratling motivated the community artisans to create designs and rediscover the craft of silversmith. Using his own designs, he created an apprentice system of training young silversmiths with artistic talent and gave them the opportunity to develop their skills. The impeccable craftsmanship coming out of Taxco earned worldwide recognition and fame once again for Mexico. The unique designs and great quality of popular items, such as the Mexican men's silver bracelet led to a higher demand for Taxco Jewelry. Over time many artisans opened workshops and stores of their own, helping Taxco survive many economic and social hardships. Their work continues to inspire the next generation of silversmiths and artisans, whose numbers continue to grow each day.


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