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                         Layaway Plan

Layaway Plan Information


At Avila Sterling, we understand that many people may be passing through very difficult economic times. That's why we created this plan so everyone can enjoy of our Mexican silver jewelry and take a small piece of our beautiful Mexico with you.
Avila Sterling's silversmiths always try to keep their prices to the public reasonable. However, we cannot control the ongoing changes in price per gram for sterling silver. So we thought this would be a good option for people that love our silver jewelry but may not always be able to buy several pieces, or perhaps just one piece, because it might not fit their monthly budget.
Sometimes we have unique pieces that you won't find again or might take months to find and you want to purchase them but do not have the money at that time or you want to reserve several pieces at one time. Now you can do it!

How to apply for the Layaway Plan?

Just contact us and let us know that you will be making a purchase. Give us the name you will be using at checkout and the item(s) you wish to purchase. All you have to do is place the piece(s) you want to purchase in your shopping cart and just follow instructions in the checkout process. When you reach the option "Payment Information" place all your information there and continue to check out.
Don't worry. We will process your purchase at our end, so the charge won't be automatic. Since you already contacted us and expressed an interest in applying for the layaway plan, we will get in touch with you and together, we'll set up a payment plan that works best for you.

How are payments spread?

We give you up to 3 months to finalize the payments. If your total purchase is high and you need more time, please let us know and we can offer other options.
We want to highlight that your first payment has to be done at the time of your call, when we agree on a payment schedule. It's a deposit and lets us know that you are really serious and want to complete the layaway process to the end.

How do you schedule payments?

This is a decision that we can agree upon together. With your approval, Avila Sterling will charge your credit card on the designated day(s) of the month or you can call us to make your payment for your layaway items.
Please take into account that if you do not allow us to charge your credit card and you would rather make your payments by phone, you must pay the total amount in the designated purchase period that was originally agreed upon at the time the plan was set up. We would ask that you please make your payments on time so we do not have to call you . If for any reason you need more time to finish paying, please let us know right away so that we can adjust your payment schedule .

What happens if  I choose paypal as my layaway payment method?

No problem. Just contact us first and let us know which items you are interested in purchasing and that you want to take advantage of the layaway plan. We will get back to you and reserve your item(s), and then agree on the time and number of payments. We will get your paypal information to schedule your payments. That's it!


Please make sure that you will be able to complete all your payments before you commit to purchasing jewelry on the layaway plan. We always ask for a deposit payment or first payment at the time of your order to make sure that you are serious and committed to pay the total amount at a later date.
We ask that you take into account that if you decide cancel your transaction in the middle of the layaway plan, that costs us money too. We try to keep our prices as low as we can and this won't help much.

If you still have questions about this plan, please don't hesitate to contac us for more information.



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