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     Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Does all your jewelry come from Mexico?

Yes, all our jeweley is imported from Taxco, Mexico. Every single item you see in our store is handmade and send directly from Mexico.

Is all your jewelry marked as silver "925"?

Yes, most of the jewelry is marked with the stamp "925" or "silver 925" other pieces also carry specific designer's stamps as well as "Taxco" etc. stamps vary from silversmith to silversmith or designer to designer.

There are some cases where the 925 marked cannot see easily or it is missing completely. When this happens is because either the piece is too small and there's not a good space to place the marking or is part of a set, where the marking is not shared in all the pieces that make the whole silver set.
But be assure that all our silver jewelry uses the best quality silver in the market, either 925, 950 or 980.

What does silver "925" mean?

Pure silver cannot be used when silversmiths create jewelry, cause it's highly malleable and it can be damaged very easily, it can also get very soft, preventing to create all these silver pieces of jewelry. That's why 925 silver has to be used instead of the pure form of this precious metal. 

In order to create a more resistant metal that can be mold into a strong piece of jewelry is to add other materials to the silver. When the craftmen combines pure silver with other alloys, he creates a more resistant piece of jewelry that won't scratched or get damage easily.

The most common combination is the one known as "925"  silver, a mix made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Not every silversmith use the same combination, other materials can be used, but this is the most common and copper is cheaper also.
Do not think that because copper is being used in the creation of 925 sterling silver jewelry, automatically they are low quality pieces of jewelry. This combination enhances the metal properties and the copper utilized  represents only a small percentage in the alloy.

Is "950" silver jewelry, better than the most common "925" silver jewelry?

950 sterling silver means that there's a higher percentage of pure silver an a lower percentage of other alloys. This can make you think that yes, it's a better quality silver than the most common 925. This can be true in some cases, yes the metal is purer but remember that the piece of jewelry can be more prone to scratches and less sturdy as well, if the craftman knows what's he's doing this won't be a problem but if the craftmanship is not the best, this can be a problem instead of a big plus. Some pieces of jewelry depending on the thickness or the design in general, can handle this combination with no problem whatsoever, but others cannot.

We also carry a few 950 or 980 sterling silver pieces of jewelry, but we guarantee you that those pieces are crafted with excellent workmanship. All our craftsmen are skilled designers or silversmiths that had been working with silver most of their lives and know exactly what they are doing. We only carry quality silver jewelry that satisfy the highest standards.

Can you send me extra photos of a certain piece of jewelry?

Yes, we can send extra photos if you need them. But please take into account that we have many other requests sometimes and it's difficult to have them right away. So we might take a couple of days to be able to send the photos, please be patient and we will be sending them as soon as we can.
Also, if the specific piece of jewelry is available at the moment of your request, that won't be difficult to do, but if we do not have it availalbe, it will be imposible for us to send extra photos.

If I receive a ring, bracelet or necklace that doesn't fit or do not like, can I return it?

yes, in case you do not like the piece of jewelry when you receive it or it is either small or large for you, then you can send it back. You can choose between a refund or an exchange, as long as you send the item within 12 days from receiving it. But please take into account that we want this item to be returned in excellent condition, just in the same condition as we sent it to you. 

Please notice that we check every single item before we ship it to you, to ensure that what we are sending is in excellent condition. Every single clasp, bolt and surface is double checked prior shipping. So please be careful when you try on the jewelry. We also understand that even though we check every single item, there are some hidden bolts that we cannot see and sometimes these come loose, if that is the case, then you can send the piece back for repair and we will let you know how long will it take to fix it or replace it. 

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